InternalizationKoru, whom goes by the name "Koru", is the current Head General of the Total Urban Recon Forces, and is dearly loved by the community. She is widely known by the community for her swift discipline and her strict attitude, some say that  " She's got eyes in the back of her head" but really, she probably does. Koru fought in the end of the Orithian Revolution, and quickly worked her way up to Major, then was taken under Seth and Midnights wing and was trained thoroughly by both. She has been awarded many awards by HCOM as a Major, and was well known and trusted by Seth himself. She eventually earned Colonel, and hosted like no tommorow. So in 2 months, she became a General, alongside many of her HCOM buddies.

Koru has a unknown past, but it is known she has come from the gates of hell, bringing it to anyone whom desires to stand in her way, or anyone related to hers way. Koru is also the Shock Forces SF Platoon Leader, and is intended solely to kill those whom wish to neutralize her, and her Platoon.

Koru is one of the most active HCOM, ranked in to host over 3 times a week.

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