MidnightZach, also known as "tops4433" is the current Second in Command, and is TURFs favorite Shock Forces Director. Midnight first started off as a Recruit in the middle of the HAZARD vs TURF ordeal, also known as the Orithian Revolution. Midnight slowly climbed the ranks until he reached Captain, and then UndiscoveredSword (was seth37072 at the time) took Midnight under his wings and trained him to be a deadly yet silent warrior. He reached Major the same day, and was trained through TAA (formerly known as TURF Military Academy) by Sword, again. Midnight graduated and soon was awarded Officer for his hard work. He soon led many war victories with the main division, and was voted 4-1 in TURFmeeting for Colonel. A week later, during his inaugural week, the Second in Command at the time, JedTheAnimeLover, was exiled after a heated debate between her and several HCOM members. Midnight soon was promoted to General by Seth. Seth, one month later, offered him the honorary role of Second in Command.

Midnight now leads Shock Forces into battle, and oversees most of the divisions himself. He is truly one of Orithias greatest warheroes to ever grace the community. His role has set many inspirations of those ever have been graced to speak to him.

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